Used HPLC system

HPLC systems are manufactured by different manufacturers such as: Waters, Agilent and Shimadzu.

A system consists of several modules, the standard modules are:
1. Pump
2. Detecter
3. Autosampler
4. Thermostat column
5. Degasser
The pressure can be up to about 200 bar for normal HPLC.
By means of high pressure and proper contact with the stationary phase, a relatively high speed of separation and very good resolution is achieved. The run time can vary from 5 to 60 minutes for the measurement of one sample by HPLC.

Used HPLC system 

An used HPLC system, is a system, which gest a 2nd change in the world. One laboratory in the west part of the world has a HPLC, which isn't used anymore. This system is bought by Labrecycling and sold to an another user, which is very glad with the older system. 

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